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The agency for product films & 3D animations. We put your products in the best light!

The best product videos and 3D renderings for successful sales. Whether website, webshop, trade fair, event, video meeting or face-to-face - we put your products perfectly in the limelight.

With 3D

3D product visualisation and animation

In the past, products were elaborately photographed. For some years now, more and more 3D product visualisations have been created. The reason for this is quite simple: a 3D product visualisation is much more flexible in its media use.

3D product visualisations can be used as print motifs in a brochure and even more as the basis for photo-realistic animations for fascinating highlight presentations. The advantages of 3D renderings are therefore obvious. As a media agency, we specialise in 3D product visualisations and offer many advantages:

  • We produce 3D product animations for every possible application.
  • We develop augmented reality or virtual reality applications
  • We use CAD data of our customers and put them in the best light

Product films in 3D for all marketing and sales channels

Very often we create 3D product visualisations for new product presentations at trade fairs and events. However, our aim is to provide our customers' sales teams with more options for use beyond these events. For example, 3D animations can be published on YouTube and social media channels. Integration on the website or presentation on the laptops of the sales staff also represent added value.

AR-Anwendung mit interaktiver Produktvisualisierung von commacross

3D Animations for Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR

Emotional experiences are best achieved through fascinating technologies and product visualisations. With AR and VR, you can immerse yourself in the depths of products and processes and gain new perspectives. We would be happy to give you a live demonstration. You will be thrilled.


  • Fascinating product experiences with AR & VR
  • Easy integration into interactive presentations
  • Highlights for marketing and sales

3D Visualisierung für digitale Showrooms & virtuelle Messen

Als Kommunikationsagentur, die sich viel mit Markenauftritten und Produktpräsentationen beschäftigt, designen wir individuelle Messestände für reale und digitale Messen. Die Visualisierung erfolgt ebenfalls in Form von 3D Renderings. In Abstimmung mit unseren Kunden erstellen wir Konzepte und Designs für Produktpositionierungen und Kommunikationsflächen.


  • 3D Renderings & Animationen für interaktive Produkt-Präsentationen
  • Planung von 3D Messestand-Design für reale & digitale Auftritte
  • Emotionale Messeauftritte mit 360° Full-Service

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AR-Anwendung mit interaktiver Produktvisualisierung von commacross
3D / AR-Application
Product visualization: Smart Actuator, Sauter AG
Interactive product presentation
Product visualization: Dräger HPS® SafeGuard
3D-Designs eines Feuerwehrhelms
Geschäftsführer von commacross: Eberhard Freiensehner

Take advantage of our know-how for for your 3D product visualisation.


Photorealistic design for marketing and sales

The almost limitless flexibility that 3D product visualisation brings with it allows for optimal staging of the product. Visual effects can be integrated, details can be better emphasised and functions can be presented in detail. Very often we integrate these 3D animations into interactive trade fair presentations. This allows the sales department to explain the product to the customer in a compact and clear manner.

Which CAD data formats do we work with?

Basically, we work with Cinema 4D and Rhino. We can process .step files most easily. But other formats are also possible.

Can 3D product visualisations also be created stylised instead of photorealistic?

Of course, products can also be depicted stylised. The principle "Everything is possible!" applies to us.

Can a product also be visualised without CAD data?

Of course, a product can also be visualised without CAD data. Depending on the level of detail, the time and costs involved are correspondingly higher. We then build your product virtually according to your technical drawings.

Are the product visualisations also suitable for printing on posters and in magazines?

We produce our product renderings individually for each purpose. Size, colour mode and resolution can be adjusted accordingly. Product visualisations for large posters or magazines are standard for us.
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Leading companies rely on the know-how of commacross.

  • "I have been working successfully with the commacross team for almost 10 years. Always fresh ideas for emotional live communication, perfect organisation and high personal commitment. That's fun and ensures really good event feedback from our customers."

    Portrait von Mathias Büttner

    Mathias Büttner, Citrix
    Marketing Director for Central Europe

  • "For years we have appreciated the creativity and commitment of commacross. Especially with the highlight productions and the digital media for our flagship fairs. The team does a really good job."

    Portrait von Ramona Augusto
    Ramona Augusto, Bitzer
    Head of Events, Digital Media and Promotions
  • “Commacross has been our partner for the development of media and the design of our exhibition stand since 2019. We appreciate the creative dialogue and smooth collaboration."

    Portrait von Kerstin Löffler
    Kerstin Löffler, Faller Packaging
    Head of Marketing & Innovation
  • "Commacross provided us with excellent support for the presentation of world firsts at the ISH trade fair. Innovative media technology, attractive content, and a strong staging."
    Portrait von Peter Schönenberger
    Peter Schönenberger, Sauter
    Head of Marketing and Product Management
  • "Our 50th AUMA anniversary was a very, very big success for customers, partners and employees. The imaginative event concept and the targeted project management over almost two years were the guarantee for this."
    Markus Zeller, AUMA
    Head of Advertising
  • "Eberhard Freiensehner and his team are an important agency partner for us. Digitalisation is a big challenge for Zehnder and commacross offers diverse solutions for successful marketing at trade fairs and events."
    Portrait von Heiko Braun
    Heiko Braun, Zehnder Group Deutschland
    Managing Director
  • "Commacross offers innovative trade fair communication. We use the trade fair app from commacross for internal team briefings. A great solution for faster communication."
    Portrait von Waldemar Witulski
    Waldemar Witulski, ZF
    Consultant Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • "Already in the first talks we had a very good feeling and have not been disappointed. Commacross is a partner for the future."
    Jan Friedrich, Bucher Hydraulics
    Head of Marketing
  • "Commacross is a fast, flexible and always committed partner. An agency you can always rely on."
    Sandra Parpan, ARGO-HYTOS GmbH
    Group Marketing Service & Communication
  • "The development of the interactive WebApp product presentation worked great with commacross. The WebApp ran stably all three days at the fair; we had no downtimes."
    Stephan Dürr, Hummel AG
    Head of Marketing & Communications