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Explainer videos for complex topics & products. Supporting videos for more success in sales.

We develop individual explanatory videos made to measure. Self-explanatory or as pictorial support for your sales talks. Use the power of moving images and communicate in new ways.

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Well explained is better sold.

  1. Flexible, interactive and photorealistic
  2. Animated explanatory videos: Show it with commacross
  3. Success factor no. 1: Professional animations
  4. Success factor no. 2: Presentation in 3rd dimension
  5. Success factor no. 3: Holistic approach
  6. Showreel: Reference example for smart products!

Flexible, interactive and photo-realistic

Do you have a new product that you would like to introduce and explain to your target groups? Explain it with a film from commacross! Our animated explanatory videos get to the heart of the most important statements, illustrate all features and show what is particularly important. Inform your customers about what works and how and show the functional processes with an easy-to-understand animation. This way, no questions remain unanswered:

  • Catchy form of product presentation
  • Transparent presentation of functional processes
  • Sustainable information gain for your customers

Animated explainer videos:
Show it with commacross

An explanatory film by commacross relieves you of time-consuming live product presentations and gives your customers the opportunity to inform themselves individually. Thanks to detailed researched content and proven design competence, our explanatory videos optimally depict real-life contexts. We would also be happy to create a video for you that illustrates everything that is important, through:


  • Distinct understanding of technology and high design competence
  • Many years of experience in creating effective product presentations
  • Comprehensive know-how in all aspects of communication

Success factor no. 1:
Professional animations

With many products, the relevant processes take place 'inside' and are therefore invisible to the potential customer. Let us create an informative animation and show your customers what happens 'inside'. In 3D and colour. Vivid, moving, true to scale - and therefore understandable for every customer. Bring your products to life through:


  • Conception and realisation of interactive marketing tools
  • Individually created animations
  • Use of various styles chosen to suit the product

Success factor no. 2:
Presentation in 3rd dimension

Complex products are not self-explanatory. Here there is an increased need for easily understandable, catchy explanations. Animated videos in 3D visualise even complicated functions and hidden processes. commacross offers you explanatory videos with effective 3D representations that show the full potential of your product. Benefit from these advantages:


  • Realistic representations in 3rd dimension
  • Detailed visualisation of all product components
  • Holistic product presentation from all perspectives
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Success factor no. 3:
Holistic approach

Successful trade fair presentations require contemporary media concepts and the professional presentation of product content. Therefore, commacross' holistic trade fair consulting does not end with the interior design. Thanks to the combination of architectural, digital and visualisation expertise, our explanatory videos fit seamlessly into the overall trade fair presentation in terms of quality and expressiveness. We use our media competence to create an explanatory film that is worth watching and give your products the appropriate impact by:


  • Consulting based on comprehensive media competence
  • Conception and production of media content
  • Consulting and organisation for media technology

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    Plan your explainer videos
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Learn more about our concepts, ideas and solutions. We would be happy to show you demo applications and customer projects.
Eberhard Freiensehner
Owner & Managing Director
  • Personal consultation
  • Duration: approx. 30 minutes
  • Video conference

Free consultation

Leading companies rely on the know-how of commacross.

  • "I have been working successfully with the commacross team for almost 10 years. Always fresh ideas for emotional live communication, perfect organisation and high personal commitment. That's fun and ensures really good event feedback from our customers."

    Portrait von Mathias Büttner

    Mathias Büttner, Citrix
    Marketing Director for Central Europe

  • "For years we have appreciated the creativity and commitment of commacross. Especially with the highlight productions and the digital media for our flagship fairs. The team does a really good job."

    Portrait von Ramona Augusto
    Ramona Augusto, Bitzer
    Head of Events, Digital Media and Promotions
  • “Commacross has been our partner for the development of media and the design of our exhibition stand since 2019. We appreciate the creative dialogue and smooth collaboration."

    Portrait von Kerstin Löffler
    Kerstin Löffler, Faller Packaging
    Head of Marketing & Innovation
  • "Commacross provided us with excellent support for the presentation of world firsts at the ISH trade fair. Innovative media technology, attractive content, and a strong staging."
    Portrait von Peter Schönenberger
    Peter Schönenberger, Sauter
    Head of Marketing and Product Management
  • "Our 50th AUMA anniversary was a very, very big success for customers, partners and employees. The imaginative event concept and the targeted project management over almost two years were the guarantee for this."
    Markus Zeller, AUMA
    Head of Advertising
  • "Eberhard Freiensehner and his team are an important agency partner for us. Digitalisation is a big challenge for Zehnder and commacross offers diverse solutions for successful marketing at trade fairs and events."
    Portrait von Heiko Braun
    Heiko Braun, Zehnder Group Deutschland
    Managing Director
  • "Commacross offers innovative trade fair communication. We use the trade fair app from commacross for internal team briefings. A great solution for faster communication."
    Portrait von Waldemar Witulski
    Waldemar Witulski, ZF
    Consultant Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • "Already in the first talks we had a very good feeling and have not been disappointed. Commacross is a partner for the future."
    Jan Friedrich, Bucher Hydraulics
    Head of Marketing
  • "Commacross is a fast, flexible and always committed partner. An agency you can always rely on."
    Sandra Parpan, ARGO-HYTOS GmbH
    Group Marketing Service & Communication
  • "The development of the interactive WebApp product presentation worked great with commacross. The WebApp ran stably all three days at the fair; we had no downtimes."
    Stephan Dürr, Hummel AG
    Head of Marketing & Communications