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Virtual exhibition booths with 3D products. Exclusive. Customised. Unique. 

commacross - The agency for virtual trade fair booths. Exclusive showrooms for digital in-house exhibitions and online events. Extraordinary interactive 3D product experiences. Everything in-house!

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Virtual trade fair booth or digital showroom -
A sales platform 365 days a year

commacross develops virtual brand and product spaces for interactive sales presentations. With our custom showroom designs and 3D product visualisations, you can inspire customers and trade fair audiences. Win new contacts and acquire new customers at your own online event, or use the digital presentation platform as a year-round sales medium.


A virtual trade fair booth or product showroom offers perfect opportunities to present your brand and portfolio flexibly and sustainably. Today, the virtual showroom or digital booth is the instrument of choice to convince customers in daily sales. The real trade fair only lasts a few days and a PowerPoint does not offer the interaction of a web-based presentation.

We offer you the complete range of services, for a physical booth or a virtual presentation. We are professionals in inspiring customers with digital content at a virtual trade fair that we design! We put you in the limelight with a virtual booth or showroom.


  • Holistic conception of virtual trade fair stands/showrooms
  • Interactive 3D product experiences - from individual exhibits to processes
  • Landing page, guest management & registration - all in-house

Added value 1:
Exclusive brand spaces

Made of steel and wood or of bits and bytes: booth architecture must be inspiring and create the best stage for your brand and products. A digital booth from commacross does both. A clearly recognisable signature, clearly defined product areas, and highlight presentations give the digital booth the perfect look and feel. With creative ideas and extraordinary, digitally realised architectural solutions, commacross helps you achieve a perfect presentation.


  • Comprehensive digital competence for effective virtual architectures
  • Many years of expertise in the conception and implementation of unique trade fair presentations
  • Optimum combination of virtual architecture and media staging

Added value 2:
Highlight product presentations

A digital trade fair booth needs digital media. With 25 years of experience in B2B and B2C trade fair marketing, we add value to your digital booth with interactive product presentations and media productions. Use virtual reality, 3D visualisations, and interactive games for an emotional presentation, dress important information in a media garment and increase the attention-getting value of your digital exhibits.


  • Creation of a digital product brochure with all facts & features
  • Design of 3D visualisations, AR, and interactive specials
  • Flexible media - for trade fairs, events, website, and sales

Added value 3:
Emotional presentations

Digital tools lack emotionality? Far from it! Provided you trust in digital presentations from us. commacross designs and implements innovative communication tools that add audience-pleasing elements to digital trade fair presentations. Generate excitement, curiosity, and attention with virtual product presentations and trade fair games. Replace old-fashioned forms of presentation with new interactive formats and set a digital exclamation mark.


  • Emotional presentations with all digital presentation features
  • Digital product brochures as an alternative to analogue information
  • Interactive games with high awareness and wow! factor

What advantages do virtual trade fair booths offer?

Trade fair goes digital? Go with it! The trade fair business is increasingly shifting into the digital space. Even if the pandemic will eventually subside, a new marketing channel has emerged with virtual trade fair booths, which demand new designs for the booth and special forms of communication. With comprehensive digital and trade fair expertise, commacross is your partner for the successful digital transformation of your trade fair activities. Digital, virtual, successful: Rely on commacross and use the advantages of a virtual booth for your sales:

  • More reach (worldwide for all target groups, can be experienced without travelling).
  • Time-independent, accessible 24/7 (new products can be presented at any time)
  • Lower costs (no rental or construction costs, no catering)
  • Exclusivity (attention on own company)
  • Low effort for customers to participate
  • High flexibility (online events can be realised independently, duration/date freely
  • selectable)

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The ten best practices of digital trade fair presentations

In the course of numerous projects, our experts for trade fair concepts, communication design as well as video and 3D media have deciphered the decisive success factors. In the following, we present the ten best practices that are crucial for effective trade fair communication in the virtual world.

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Geschäftsführer von commacross: Eberhard Freiensehner

Take advantage of our know-how for for your virtual trade fair stand.


How is a virtual trade fair booth created?

There are various approaches to creating a virtual trade fair booth. We prefer 3D booths with high visual quality. From an existing concept, or we develop new, target group-oriented virtual showroom on request. Virtual booths are a supporting medium for sales, but can also be explored independently by customers. For this, intuitive, simple navigation is crucial for a good experience. This and our unique interactive product presentations distinguish us from many competitors. We would be happy to show you examples from our references.

What opportunities does a virtual trade fair booth offer?

Could you imagine 10 years ago that we would order cars at the click of a button on the internet? Today, this is a reality at Tesla and elsewhere. The trend is clear: Your online presence is becoming the most important product showcase. How can you keep up?By developing a virtual trade fair booth that presents your products in the most attractive, experiential way possible. Such digital brand spaces are available 365 days a year, can be easily expanded with new products, and save time and money in sales. In many cases, media such as product animations can be used on various marketing channels. A virtual booth provides the perfect basis for independently organised online events and in-house fairs.

How much does a virtual trade fair booth cost?

The costs of a virtual trade fair booth vary, as the effort required for each client varies widely. For example, a small booth costs less than a large virtual space. In the digital space, this is similar to classic trade fair construction. Further, costs depend on the number of products and the kind of interactive presentation. For example, 3D product presentations have the greatest visual and emotional impact, but are more expensive to produce than a product photo.

Every customer has individual requirements, which we solve in the best possible way. Every virtual trade fair booth has a different price. However, experience shows that there is a range within which most projects fall: 30,000 - 60,000 €.

How time-consuming is it to create a virtual trade fair booth?

Building a virtual booth is not as time-consuming as a physical stand. You save on logistics and construction, and you get all services from a professional source. commacross realises virtual trade fair stands quickly and reliably.

How long will my virtual booth be online?

We do not set a time limit. Your virtual booth is online for as long as you want. Whether your stand is available for a certain period of time or you want it to be accessible to your customers 24/7 - we implment your virtual stand.

Can I use the digital exhibition booth on all end devices?

You can use a digital booth from commacross on all end devices that have a modern browser. For example, you can access the stand on your iPad while on the move. Why not use this feature for your sales?

What are the advantages of virtual trade fair booths from commacross?

The advantages of a virtual trade fair booth from commacross are obvious. You get an all-purpose weapon for your marketing. The trade fair booth is accessible at all times and from anywhere. Let us convince you.
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Leading companies rely on the know-how of commacross.

  • "I have been working successfully with the commacross team for almost 10 years. Always fresh ideas for emotional live communication, perfect organisation and high personal commitment. That's fun and ensures really good event feedback from our customers."

    Portrait von Mathias Büttner

    Mathias Büttner, Citrix
    Marketing Director for Central Europe

  • "For years we have appreciated the creativity and commitment of commacross. Especially with the highlight productions and the digital media for our flagship fairs. The team does a really good job."

    Portrait von Ramona Augusto
    Ramona Augusto, Bitzer
    Head of Events, Digital Media and Promotions
  • “Commacross has been our partner for the development of media and the design of our exhibition stand since 2019. We appreciate the creative dialogue and smooth collaboration."

    Portrait von Kerstin Löffler
    Kerstin Löffler, Faller Packaging
    Head of Marketing & Innovation
  • "Commacross provided us with excellent support for the presentation of world firsts at the ISH trade fair. Innovative media technology, attractive content, and a strong staging."
    Portrait von Peter Schönenberger
    Peter Schönenberger, Sauter
    Head of Marketing and Product Management
  • "Our 50th AUMA anniversary was a very, very big success for customers, partners and employees. The imaginative event concept and the targeted project management over almost two years were the guarantee for this."
    Markus Zeller, AUMA
    Head of Advertising
  • "Eberhard Freiensehner and his team are an important agency partner for us. Digitalisation is a big challenge for Zehnder and commacross offers diverse solutions for successful marketing at trade fairs and events."
    Portrait von Heiko Braun
    Heiko Braun, Zehnder Group Deutschland
    Managing Director
  • "Commacross offers innovative trade fair communication. We use the trade fair app from commacross for internal team briefings. A great solution for faster communication."
    Portrait von Waldemar Witulski
    Waldemar Witulski, ZF
    Consultant Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • "Already in the first talks we had a very good feeling and have not been disappointed. Commacross is a partner for the future."
    Jan Friedrich, Bucher Hydraulics
    Head of Marketing
  • "Commacross is a fast, flexible and always committed partner. An agency you can always rely on."
    Sandra Parpan, ARGO-HYTOS GmbH
    Group Marketing Service & Communication
  • "The development of the interactive WebApp product presentation worked great with commacross. The WebApp ran stably all three days at the fair; we had no downtimes."
    Stephan Dürr, Hummel AG
    Head of Marketing & Communications