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Trade fair briefing for stand personnel & sales: Digital, fast & informative! Your interactive trade fair guide.

Brief stand personnel to the trade fair faster, easier and better. Smart trade fair briefing for a successful sales team. Device-independent, responsive and perfect for smartphones. What's more, you can manage it independently and centrally.

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Digital trade fair briefing for your team

Do you laboriously create PDFs for your trade fair team as a document for the trade fair briefing? Do you send them several times to all kinds of colleagues because of various changes? Do you also make the experience that there are still many requests because the document is not up to date or at hand? With our trade fair briefing tool, these experiences are a thing of the past!


Create your briefing centrally, self-managing and for interactive use. Your colleagues will always have all the information at their fingertips - up-to-date, fast and visually well prepared. Whether on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, our solution can be used on all devices. Especially at trade fairs, the smartphone has become the most important means of communication - and we have optimised our application for trade fair briefings with this in mind.

  • Brief the team on the trade fair faster, easier and better
  • No need to send multiple PDF or PPT documents
  • Available on all devices, optimised for smartphones

Features & functions
of a digital trade fair invitation:

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Trade fair stand

Present your trade fair stand already in the digital trade fair invitation.

Messeapp mit Informationen zu vorgestellten Produkten von commacross


Show your highlight products in the digital trade fair invitation.

Kontaktepersonen in einer Messe-Einladung von commacross


Integrate contacts into your digital trade fair invitation.

Feedbackformular in einer Messe-Einladung von commacross


Use the digital trade fair invitation as a feedback form for your trade fair presentation.

Digitale Messe-Einladung von commacross

Your advantage no. 1: Trade fairbriefing optimised for the smartphone

The smartphone is the communication tool of choice at trade fairs. That's why our trade fair briefing tool is optimised for it and very easy to use. Your sales and trade fair team has all the information about your trade fair presentation, stand and services quickly at hand and always available. Concentrate on discussions with your customers and save time on internal communication. Our simple trade fair briefing tool enables you to keep communication short and thus save a lot of time.


  • All information about your trade fair appearance in your pocket
  • No annoying emailing after each update
  • Available on all devices, responsive for mobile phones

Your advantage no. 2: Manage the contents of the trade fair briefing independently

With our tool for trade fair briefings, you can maintain and adapt all content yourself. We create the basis in your corporate design for you once, then you manage all the information about the trade fair yourself. Our trade fair briefing tool is intuitive and easy to use. No extensive training is required. You can integrate texts, images and videos and provide download documents. The possibilities are manifold and very flexible.


  • Self-management of all trade fair information
  • No time-consuming training necessary
  • Trade fair briefings in your corporate design
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Event Apps zur Besucher- und Mitarbeiter-Information

Your advantage no. 3:
 The mobile event app & more

A trade fair presence is time-consuming, cost-intensive and often inefficient. We develop solutions for better trade fair stands, optimal use of budgets and more efficient trade fair communication. This applies to both internal communication with the trade fair team and marketing communication with trade fair visitors. Our trade fair briefing tool is a building block for more efficient trade fair organisation with short and fast channels. Our digital solution considerably simplifies the internal communication of information. We would be happy to inform you personally with a short demo.

commacross is a communications agency offering a full range of services for trade fairs and events. We offer you exactly the support you want.


  • From concept to implementation - everything under one roof
  • Trade fairs, events and digital media - something for everyone
  • Over 25 years of B2B experience - in many industries

Innovative trade fair briefing for your sales team - at trade fairs, events, congresses, conferences.

Keeping many employees optimally informed is always a challenge. Every trade fair appearance confronts the marketing team with this task, and presentations are usually prepared laboriously. We have a better solution for communicating trade fair objectives to an international sales team. Our innovative trade fair briefing tool enables quick and easy communication with the team. Briefly and digitally inform them about your stand, the trade fair objectives, product highlights, services and much more. The simple administration enables you to communicate much faster with your colleagues and save a lot of time.


Optimise your internal communication with the new trade fair briefing tool for an even more successful trade fair appearance!


  • Available in any language
  • Self-management of all contents texts, images, video etc.
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Find out in 100 seconds, we as an experienced digital agency
create your digital trade fair briefing.

The added benefit
of a digital trade fair briefing:

Use the digital briefing tool from commacross
also as an invitation for customers and business partners


  • No need to send multiple PDFs, as they are always up to date
  • Optimised for smartphone, always with you
  • With icon on home screen, always available


Commacross - a team for smart trade fair marketing.

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Our services:
at a glance:


  • Initial set-up for 1st trade fair
  • Further trade fairs can be edited by yourself
  • Flexible, modular software system
  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • 2nd use as briefing tool incl. password protection (on request)


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How does smart trade fair briefing work for your stand staff?

For trade fair exhibitors with a large sales team, we have developed a smart, digital trade fair briefing. Many companies send various PDF documents to their stand personnel in preparation for the trade fair, updated again and again. On the one hand, this is cumbersome, and on the other hand, the PDFs are often unclearly designed. Our trade fair briefing is a software tool and is based on our trade fair know-how. The data is structured pragmatically with theme buttons in the client's corporate design. Each client can manage all data independently and centrally. The briefing tool can be called up via a link, is always up-to-date and does not need to be sent out several times. The availability of the information on all devices is therefore a great benefit for the trade fair stand personnel or the sales team. The trade fair briefing can be used 24/7 on laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone. The smartphone is the most important communication medium, especially at the trade fair, and is optimised accordingly. With one click on the home screen button, all trade fair information is permanently and clearly available. If desired, the briefing data can also be protected with a password.

What are the advantages of a digital trade fair briefing?

The advantages of the digital trade fair briefing are manifold. First and foremost, it is easy to use, quickly available and up-to-date. Sustainability and less waste of paper are further advantages, as smartphones in particular make it unnecessary to print out the information at trade fairs. In addition, the online trade fair briefing offers new, interactive possibilities for product presentations. Augmented reality can be integrated as well as a trade fair game, e.g. a quiz. Contact details of all stand personnel, national or international, are clearly listed. Locations, trade fair dates, shuttle buses or other appointments are smartly structured and visible on the screen with just one click. The special feature: with very little additional effort, you can turn the trade fair briefing into a trade fair invitation for your customers. We will be happy to show you how this works.

What added value does the digital trade fair briefing bring for your sales?

The digital trade fair briefing is a helpful tool for the rapid transfer of information. This plus can also be used for the trade fair invitation. Thus, the tool serves to optimise your own sales through digitalisation. Interactive product presentations are a trend of the future and can be easily integrated. In this way, new products can be presented emotionally and dynamically. At the same time, these media can be used on other marketing and sales channels, e.g. on the website, in web shops, in web meetings or in personal sales talks. The synergies are manifold and can be realised cost-efficiently.
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Geschäftsführer von commacross: Eberhard Freiensehner

Take advantage of our know-how for for your digital trade fair briefing.


Leading companies rely on the know-how of commacross.

  • "I have been working successfully with the commacross team for almost 10 years. Always fresh ideas for emotional live communication, perfect organisation and high personal commitment. That's fun and ensures really good event feedback from our customers."

    Portrait von Mathias Büttner

    Mathias Büttner, Citrix
    Marketing Director for Central Europe

  • "For years we have appreciated the creativity and commitment of commacross. Especially with the highlight productions and the digital media for our flagship fairs. The team does a really good job."

    Portrait von Ramona Augusto
    Ramona Augusto, Bitzer
    Head of Events, Digital Media and Promotions
  • “Commacross has been our partner for the development of media and the design of our exhibition stand since 2019. We appreciate the creative dialogue and smooth collaboration."

    Portrait von Kerstin Löffler
    Kerstin Löffler, Faller Packaging
    Head of Marketing & Innovation
  • "Commacross provided us with excellent support for the presentation of world firsts at the ISH trade fair. Innovative media technology, attractive content, and a strong staging."
    Portrait von Peter Schönenberger
    Peter Schönenberger, Sauter
    Head of Marketing and Product Management
  • "Our 50th AUMA anniversary was a very, very big success for customers, partners and employees. The imaginative event concept and the targeted project management over almost two years were the guarantee for this."
    Markus Zeller, AUMA
    Head of Advertising
  • "Eberhard Freiensehner and his team are an important agency partner for us. Digitalisation is a big challenge for Zehnder and commacross offers diverse solutions for successful marketing at trade fairs and events."
    Portrait von Heiko Braun
    Heiko Braun, Zehnder Group Deutschland
    Managing Director
  • "Commacross offers innovative trade fair communication. We use the trade fair app from commacross for internal team briefings. A great solution for faster communication."
    Portrait von Waldemar Witulski
    Waldemar Witulski, ZF
    Consultant Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • "Already in the first talks we had a very good feeling and have not been disappointed. Commacross is a partner for the future."
    Jan Friedrich, Bucher Hydraulics
    Head of Marketing
  • "Commacross is a fast, flexible and always committed partner. An agency you can always rely on."
    Sandra Parpan, ARGO-HYTOS GmbH
    Group Marketing Service & Communication
  • "The development of the interactive WebApp product presentation worked great with commacross. The WebApp ran stably all three days at the fair; we had no downtimes."
    Stephan Dürr, Hummel AG
    Head of Marketing & Communications