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Inspire with a trade fair raffle and win leads! (Perfectly suited for job fairs!)

Exciting trade fair raffles for quick contacts. We develop trade fair games in corporate design. For touch displays or mobile devices. Inform your trade fair visitors in a playful, smart, and creative way.

Fair competitions
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Success through play - collecting contacts made easy

People love games - and especially trade fair prize games. Offer your visitors innovative touchscreen games in the form of competitions as an attractive interaction opportunity at the trade fair. Use the human instinct to play to inform or inspire interested parties - a proven method to increase dwell time and generate new leads.

  • Custom interactive competitions in corporate design
  • Playful communication of knowledge and messages
  • Increased awareness and customer contact

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Find & Match

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Connect four

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In today's highly competitive market environment, companies are always looking for innovative ways to stand out from the competition and build lasting relationships with potential customers. This is where our custom trade show games and sweepstakes come in.

At commacross, we understand the power of game-based learning and engagement and use this to revolutionize your trade show experience. Our interactive games and sweepstakes are not only entertaining, but also effective tools to capture the attention of trade show attendees and create a lasting memory of your company. Through the use of gamification, we manage to capture visitors' interest and encourage them to engage with your company and products.

The benefits are obvious: increased visitor interest, increased traffic to your booth, and more intensive interaction between your employees and trade show visitors. The playful approach can convey complex product information or brand messages in a simple and entertaining way. In addition, our games and sweepstakes provide a great opportunity to collect contact information for post-show follow-up and gain valuable market research information.

Whether you're looking for a familiar game with a company-specific twist or want to create an entirely new game tailored to your company, we at commacross have the solution. Take advantage of the opportunities that trade show games and gamification offer and let's work together to make the next trade show your success.

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Trade fair games
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Learn all the important information about our trade fair games in 100 seconds.

Your advantage no. 1
Gamification is on trend

Homo ludens [the playful human being] - according to one explanattion - develops his cultural skills primarily through play. This insight is increasingly being used in the design of training and further education programmes, and in the development of apps or new event formats. In the context of trade fairs, this opens up new possibilities for addressing customers. Our trade fair prize games make it possible for visitors to playfully engage with a company's brand, messages, and products. Attractive prizes encourage participation and offer starting points for customer discussions. Benefit from the gamification trend by:

  • Interaction as a start of successful lead generation at the fair
  • Winning options as an incentive for participation and contact data collection
  • High brand awareness through competitions in corporate design

Your advantage no. 2:
Score with flexibility

Digital competitions from commacross offer you the greatest possible flexibility. Our touch games address visitors of all ages and can be played by all generations. In terms of lead generation, visitor contact data can be recorded before the game begins or at the end of the game and read out for further marketing measures. The technology allows for individual customisation: You determine the type and scope of data collection. The choice between purchase and rental options enables the flexible use of the games at trade fairs, events or promotions.


  • Self-explanatory games based on well-known classics
  • Individually defined recording of visitor data at the trade fair
  • Flexible use at marketing events with purchase or rental
Messe-Memory auf einem Touch-Table von commacross

Your advantage no. 3:
More experience = more emotion

Trade fairs are experiences - especially if you succeed in informing visitors at the trade fair stand in a playful way and at the same time emotionalizing them. A trade fair game offers excellent opportunities for a simple, fast and low-threshold customer approach. Our interactive games fully exploit the potential of digital media: Modern design, target group-oriented communication and exciting content make the trade fair raffle an efficient marketing tool. Use the digital competence of commacross, design your trade fair presence as an emotional experience and win new employees and customers.


  • Full service - from concept to on-site implementation
  • Appealing designs with an emotional look & feel
  • Support for the sales activities of your trade fair team

Trade fair raffle: inspire playfully

The visitor experience can be intensified by using digital trade fair prize games. Designed in the respective corporate design of the company, updated classic games invite participation and interactive engagement with the content of your trade fair presentation. Combined with an attractive prize option, this initial contact with the company ensures ad hoc emotionalisation. Whether informative, original, with direct product reference, or simply entertaining, whether digital quiz or memory: With our competitions in the form of touchscreen games, your trade fair presence will become a visitor magnet.

  • Trade fair games for an emotional customer approach and quick lead wins
  • More interaction at the trade fair stand with a competition
  • Low-threshold participation through digitalised classic games

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The ten best practices of digital trade fair presentations

In the course of numerous projects, our experts for trade fair concepts, communication design as well as video and 3D media have deciphered the decisive success factors. In the following, we present the ten best practices that are crucial for effective trade fair communication in the virtual world.

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Your trade fair game
could look
like this

Trade fair raffle for job fairs & recruiting

An interactive competition is a good way to address young people emotionally. Not as a know-it-all information tool, but as a playful addition to a trade fair booth. The trade fair raffle acts as an attractive eye-catcher for pupils or students. It is important that the contact details are requested and stored in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

Raffle for events & shop openings

Smart touchscreen raffles are ideal for providing playful entertainment. Depending on the event, visitors are informed to a greater or lesser extent about products and services. At an event with a focus on product launches, the emphasis is on information to promote sales success; at an open house, the focus is more on entertainment. In any case, modern media technology is an attractive lure for participation.

Sweepstakes for point-of-sale & promotions

Quick, simple competitions can make target groups stop at the point of sale. An attractive touchscreen and raffle as a promotion are successful stoppers here. Sweepstake postcards are certainly not a choice in a digitalised society: what is called for are modern means of communication, such as interactive displays or games for the smartphone.

How much does a trade fair game cost?

Each game is individually designed for the customer in the corporate design and optimised according to the customer's wishes. The rental costs for the trade fair competition shown here, for example, depend on the duration of use. The raffle can be played on touch monitors of any size that have a Windows device as the feed computer. Apple devices are not supported.

How does the cooperation with commacross work?

You contact us for a non-binding discussion. We will answer your questions and show you how we can realise your trade fair game using reference examples.

Together we will develop your interactive trade fair game, which you can rent or buy. We will be happy to advise you on media technology.

You impress your customers and interested parties. With little effort, simple technology, and a lot of fun, you will make new contacts and achieve success through play.
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Leading companies rely on the know-how of commacross.

  • "I have been working successfully with the commacross team for almost 10 years. Always fresh ideas for emotional live communication, perfect organisation and high personal commitment. That's fun and ensures really good event feedback from our customers."

    Portrait von Mathias Büttner

    Mathias Büttner, Citrix
    Marketing Director for Central Europe

  • "For years we have appreciated the creativity and commitment of commacross. Especially with the highlight productions and the digital media for our flagship fairs. The team does a really good job."

    Portrait von Ramona Augusto
    Ramona Augusto, Bitzer
    Head of Events, Digital Media and Promotions
  • “Commacross has been our partner for the development of media and the design of our exhibition stand since 2019. We appreciate the creative dialogue and smooth collaboration."

    Portrait von Kerstin Löffler
    Kerstin Löffler, Faller Packaging
    Head of Marketing & Innovation
  • "Commacross provided us with excellent support for the presentation of world firsts at the ISH trade fair. Innovative media technology, attractive content, and a strong staging."
    Portrait von Peter Schönenberger
    Peter Schönenberger, Sauter
    Head of Marketing and Product Management
  • "Our 50th AUMA anniversary was a very, very big success for customers, partners and employees. The imaginative event concept and the targeted project management over almost two years were the guarantee for this."
    Markus Zeller, AUMA
    Head of Advertising
  • "Eberhard Freiensehner and his team are an important agency partner for us. Digitalisation is a big challenge for Zehnder and commacross offers diverse solutions for successful marketing at trade fairs and events."
    Portrait von Heiko Braun
    Heiko Braun, Zehnder Group Deutschland
    Managing Director
  • "Commacross offers innovative trade fair communication. We use the trade fair app from commacross for internal team briefings. A great solution for faster communication."
    Portrait von Waldemar Witulski
    Waldemar Witulski, ZF
    Consultant Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • "Already in the first talks we had a very good feeling and have not been disappointed. Commacross is a partner for the future."
    Jan Friedrich, Bucher Hydraulics
    Head of Marketing
  • "Commacross is a fast, flexible and always committed partner. An agency you can always rely on."
    Sandra Parpan, ARGO-HYTOS GmbH
    Group Marketing Service & Communication
  • "The development of the interactive WebApp product presentation worked great with commacross. The WebApp ran stably all three days at the fair; we had no downtimes."
    Stephan Dürr, Hummel AG
    Head of Marketing & Communications
Geschäftsführer von commacross: Eberhard Freiensehner

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